Upcoming Projects

So I realize doing a weekend packed full or projects leaves me little to talk about. Here are the upcoming projects, future projects & completed projects!

Upcoming Projects:
5/26    Red & Black Twine Balls 
6/2     Home-made Sign - It's totally going to read Go Dawgs! or something similar :)
6/16    Edible Spoons - how awesome is that!?
6/19    Emergency Plan Kit - or "If I should drop dead..."

Future/Saved Projects
TBD     Home-Made Bench
TBD    Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees - Oh yes, I'm going to find R&B ones :)
TBD    String Frame Art - I really like this, but I have to figure out somewhere to put it!
TBD    Tipsy Pots - If I don't kill off all the plants from this year, will have to try this for next year...yes they'll be painted red & black...
TBD    T-Shirt Quilt - Gift for someone, obviously.
TBD    Heath Bar Cake! Yum!!!
TBD    Ascot Top
TBD    Hand-written mugs
TBD    Mason Jar Lights 
TBD    I love you Because Frame
TBD    Guinness & Onion Soup with Irish Cheddar Crouton - YUM!
TBD   Wine Bottle Accent Lights
TBD   Butterfinger Cake - My mother-in-law made this...it was AMAZING!
TBD   Sunburst Mirror
TBD  Other Paint Stick Projects
TBD  Other Paint Chip Projects
TBD  Bookcase into a Bar
TBD  T-Shirt Grocery Bag
TBD  Magazine Baskets
TBD Wine Cork Bath mat
TBD Wine Cork Trivet

Completed Projects
4/20    Ribbon Wreath HERE
4/20    Three-Tiered Pots HERE
4/21    Organizational Board HERE
4/23    Hanging Pots HERE
4/29    Coffee Filter Wreath HERE
5/4     Picture Project HERE
5/6     Hanging Curtains HERE
5/6     Fan Blade Project HERE
5/8     Painted Stair Railings HERE
5/19   Second Green Coffee Filter Wreath HERE
5/13   Toilet Paper Wall Art HERE
5/13   Organize Under Sink HERE
5/20   Paint Ottoman HERE 
5/21   Paint Hand Rails HERE
5/21   Penny Frame HERE
5/25   Heart Frame Map Art HERE
5/26   Add flowers to bathroom HERE
5/26   Create Craft Room HERE
5/27   No-Sew Kitchen Curtain HERE
5/27   Custom Art Work HERE 
5/28   Brown Paper Floors HERE
5/28   No-Sew Faux Roman Shades HERE
5/28   Custom Bottle-Cap Trays HERE
5/28   Add Kitchen Conversion Chart & Guide HERE
6/2     Put in quarter-round molding & door threshold 
6/2     Paint bedroom furniture 
7/8     Woven Beer Journal HERE
7/8     Index Card Calendar HERE 

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