Thursday, May 24, 2012

Updated: Coffee Table

The ever changing coffee table!

Alex decided to redo the coffee table, because the first one had iffy varnish covering. He also decided to try a different pattern. I don't have a tutorial on this one, because I didn't do it. I did help pick the colors though! We had left over yellow & green. I told Alex that I didn't want yellow, green, & red. I knew he was going to go straight lines (he's a symmetrical balance sort of person). I thought our coffee table would end up looking like a flag. We didn't want that.

So what he sanded the table. Then he painted the entire table red. It's a Tuscan Rose, which is too pink for the we have extra pink paint. Maybe I'll redo the bathroom...Anyway, he did two coats and let it dry. Then he put down painters tape leaving a little edge (because that was easier to paint). After the painters tape went the black paint. After that dried he put down 4 or 5 layers of polyurethane.

I think it looks nice. I wanted to do green wines on top of the red with yellow flowers. Alex said he was a man and would not have that in his living room (not really but he did tell me we were too young to have that I'm going to be sneaky and figure out another way to get what I want!).

Anyway, the varnish cover was much cleaner this time and I think it turned out fantastic. I'm proud of his efforts on this!
In retrospect from the beginning just red...I think this turned out much nicer and much more fluid!

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