Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Custom Art Work

I think these will look great in the master bedroom (once I can actually get back in them again). These were super easy, and I think illustrate the plateau of my creative artsyness.

Where I got the Idea: Ready Made

Time: 2 hours

Shopping List:
Three tubes of paint
Three canvases
Masking Tape
Foam Brush


1. Prep - To prep, I laid down a painters cloth outside (again utilizing that wonderful Georgia sun). This weekend had 50% off canvases PLUS an extra 10% off everything. So I got three canvases! I painted all three canvases an egg-shell white color (the same color we're going to painting the floor boards in the bedroom). I'm 99% sure you could keep them white, I just didn't. Then let it dry.

2. Tape - This was fine and a bit nerve wracking. I decided to make tape lines point toward the middle canvas then down the center of the middle canvas (if that makes sense). I ended up doing great lines (without realizing it), if I do say so myself.

3. Paint Again - So now paint again. I used the red that we're using elsewhere in the room. The green looked a little too Christmasy, so I painted over it in a dark green (almost black). I think that color was a bit too dark. Of note: If you have a dog that likes to help...they may end up with paint on their side. Fortunately, it wipes off easily. I would imagine if you've read any of my other posts, you can guess which one was the problem child....

 4. Remove Paint - Make sure you wait plenty of time for it to dry (hot Georgia sun helps). Then take off the masking tape. This was kind of fun. :) Voila! Ignore Gus's tail and Lucy's head...

UPDATE: I still cant wait to put this in the bedroom. I'm so happy with the lines. I didn't even plan it, which was even cooler. The green is a perfect dark green which should really pop against the light green walls and the red will match the newly painted furniture!

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