Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kitchen Conversion & Quick Reference Guide

I saw these the other day and absolutely loved them! I was too lazy to go to Kinkos, and Target wanted $12 for their 8x10 laminating kit, so I shrank them down and used a pack of 4x6 self-sealing laminating pouches.

Where I got the idea from: Another i should be mopping the floor project

Time Took: Less than 1 hour

Shopping List: 
Measuring Spoons
Command Strip hangers
Mounting Tape
4x6 printer paper
Packet of 4x6 self-sealing laminating pouches

1. Prep - I made the tables in Excel, because I REALLY like Excel. Plus Excel 2010 has nice table formats. I used the red shades, duh. So I printed these out actually on photo paper. I ended up having a box of 4x6 photo paper prints, and I figured why not! 

2. Laminate - I was worried about the laminating process, but good god this was easy! This took no time at all. I trimmed the edges so they were uniform around the sides.

3. Hang - I'd like to say I hung the measuring spoons first, but if I did I would have moved it further down. Make sure you be careful of shelves. You don't want the door constantly open, because the tablespoon is hitting against your shelf. I hung the measuring spoon labels, then hung the measuring spoons. I then put the rest of the tutorials - the conversion chart, the title card (which Alex laughed at me for), and the quick reference (meat and a few other conversions - pints & quarts and all of those sorts of things).

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