Friday, May 25, 2012

Living as a (temporary) Hoarder

I would never call us hoarders. However, because we have two sets of bedroom furniture in one bedroom right now, due to you know that whole floor thing...good gravy!

You have to walk sideways to get to the bathroom. The bathroom has all of those awesome bins stacked up, because they don't fit in that bathroom. There is carpet piled up there (and in the hallway).

We have drawers pulled out, so we can access socks, shoes, undergarments. We have clothes on the bed, because we can't use the closet.

The hallways also has the said carpet, Gus's bed & blanket, the side table we've been using to stash tools, a ladder, and the laundry bin. Oh it's a mess. It's slightly entertaining though. I can't wait to have a non-cluttered upstairs!

Add that to the makeshift bedroom in the living room's a bit hectic in our household. I can understand why the monkeys dogs are a little on edge. Only a few more days!

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