Monday, May 7, 2012

Hanging Curtains

Initially I thought I'd make curtains, but well when Target sells each panel for $ was going to be much more cost effective to just purchase the curtain. We got a new rod from Target, because I'm pretty sure Alex threw out the old one (although he just claims it's in a closet somewhere). 
Where I got the idea from: Life? Didn't have an inspiration on this one

Time: 45 minutes

Shopping List
Curtains = $50 ($25 x 2 curtains)
Curtain Rod = $25 (Target)
Gold Tie Backs = $8 ($4 x 2, they were on sale at Joann's...)
Screws (for the Tie Backs)
Cordless Drill


1. Prep: The curtain rod should come with screws. I measured out on each side how far I wanted the curtain rods. I actually couldn't find my level, so I used the molding around the window as a guide...and uh construction paper that I marked for a ruler....I'm actually stunned they came out straight.

2. Mollys & Screws: The curtain rod attachment came with mollys, which was great. I put in the mollys then screwed the remaining screws in. There were instructions on the box, so that wasn't too difficult.

3. Hang the Curtains: Ordinarily, I'd iron or fluff the curtains in the dyer. However, the material we got was burlapish, so it didn't need to be ironed (Phew!). I hung the curtain rod with the drapes, only dropping the cordless drill from the ladder a few times (it was a long day).

4. Tie Backs: The tie backs were easy enough. I screwed a screw into the molding and just tied them back. I used the blinds to measure (screwed at the top of one blind & did the same on the other side! There really wasn't a whole lot to that. 
We need to add shelves or something next to it, because the space is kinda bare, however the red from the fireplace & curtains adds a lot of warmth to the room. The cats have used the ottoman sides quite a bit.

Here's the transformation pictures: Yes, I'm sure the window treatment before was relatively expensive, but it just was a bit more stuffy than we wanted. It looked "old person" to me at least.
We moved the giant TV to the basement & moved the other TV in front of the window. It opened the room up, but we wanted to go back to the original. So this was the next reiteration...clearly leaving a giant gap where we needed to do SOMETHING with the blinds:

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