Monday, May 7, 2012

Painting the Ottoman

We purchased an ottoman like this (but it came with 4 tiny collapsible mini ottoman seats) from Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago to replace the giant glass one we had borrowed from my in-laws. We liked the glass, but it was heavy & huge. So to tie in the red, we painted the bottom of the table red (we figured if we didn't like it, we can always flip the ottoman & just have the cushion top!). 
Where I got the idea from: myself?

Time: 2 hours

Shopping List
Acrylic Paint - $3
Gloss Finish - $2
Paint Brush - $1


1. Initial note: The trick here is letting it dry. This was our first attempt with a finish. It didn't turn out great, but it was okay. 

2. Prep: Alex wiped down the ottoman (we have 4 animals...their fur is EVERYWHERE). He then taped off the sides. 

3. Paint: We used two coats of paint to get the color we wanted and let that dry (we set them outside in the sun, because it was super hot this weekend!). 

4. Gloss Finish: After that dried completely, he painted a coat of the finish. This was not done as neatly as possible (lesson learned). We have to make sure it's even. Alex did a second coat, but it still was a little splotchy. 

The centerpiece & remotes, mostly cover the splotchy parts. It's not bad for our first attempt with a finish, but it's probably my least favorite. All in all, it does help add color to the room, it just looks a bit DIY beginner. 
You can really side the sides on this one where the varnish didn't quite make it...

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