Friday, July 20, 2012

Index Card Calendar

I can't remember if I saw this on Pinterest or actually on the block Peck Life, but I thought it was cute. I am under the assumption that I'll forgot about this in two months. However, I've been diligent so far! Ignore my index cards with holder box right now...the box I got was too small...

Where I got the Idea From: Peck Life

Time: 2 hours

Shopping List:
400 Index Cards (I'd say 377, but well you buy them in packs of 100)
Black Fine Point Pen
Index Card Box

1. Prep: So this project is really really easy, it's just tedious. So on the top of each lined card on the right hand side you'll want to put the date: Jan or January (I would stick with abreviations) then the day. You'll need 1 card for every day of the year (don't forget February 29th). 
2. Months: You need dividers for the months. I cut pieces of another index card out and taped it to the month for dividers. Peck Life, was much craftier than mine!
3. Years: So you'll use one line for each year. I keep a really good calendar at work, so I was able to go back 6 months and put what we did. Although a lot of days said "work". But it allowed us to not have to wait until January 2013 to start the project!

 4. Box: So don't get the small size Index Card box that's $1.88...get the $2.88 one. The smaller one doesn't fit...oops.
5. Keep up with it: I think this is the hardest part. But the sooner you do it, the more you're able to put about yoru day. I can't wait to get two-three years down the road and see how this forms. 

Alternatives: For holidays/birthdays that are on actual dates rather than floating holidays, I put the name of the holiday at the top of the card.

Woven Wine/Beer Journal

It's been a while. I've been a slacker. I did want to share a project I did (which I think will soon be replaced by an awesome App I found unfortunately). So let me say this...1) If you want to cover a regular sized composition notebook, you need to use prints larger than 8x10. The smaller composition book I used was really not adequate. This is by far not the best work I've ever done, but it's cute.

Where I got the Idea: Ruby Murrays Musings

Time: 2 hours

Shopping List:
Small Composition Notebook
Double-sided Tape
Clear Scotch Tape
5 or 6 pages from a Beer & Wine magazine
Something heavy to hold down the magazines with
1. Prep - To begin, you'll need to cut the pages of the magazine into strips. If you were smart (unlike me), you'd actually measure. I was doing this to reduce stress, so I just cut. As you can see, my lines are not uh even.

2. Tape - You'll need to cover the front of the composition book with double-sided tape.     

3. Weave - Layout all of the horizontal pieces, I used two(ish) magazine pages. One of a bottle of wine and one of a bottle of Whiskey. I inter-spliced this (one part of the wine bottle, then a strip from the whiskey bottle, then part of the wine bottle, etc.), because I thought it would look kinda cool. In retrospect, I think I suggest doing one then the other.

4. Weave - So then you take one of the remaining strips and weave it through the horizontal row. It's helpful to put something heavy on the corner to weight down while you are weaving. 

5. Assembly - I put my woven picture on top of the book and flattened starting at the binding. I then cut the edges to match the edge of the composition book.
 6. Tape - I think the original person used contact paper, which I'm sure looks nicer. I just had scotch tape, so I taped the cover down for protection.
7. Wine/Beer - So I used one side of the book for wine and one for beer. The wine has been just Robert Mondavi, which hasn't been bad! The beer we've had all kinds of varieties of Clown Shoes, Terrapin, more Terrapin, Lagunitis, and more. 

While I like my journal, we then found an awesome app for the ipad called My Beer Nation. It's pretty awesome....we've been using that. I plan on trying to make the woven atlas journal for my grandparents for their travel to Egypt. I think it'd look pretty cool! :)