Monday, May 7, 2012

Painted Stair Rails

The next project was pretty easy. My mother had painted her stair rails black and the stairs popped. She has nice exposed stairs so you can see the railings all the way up. We just have a little. So Sunday morning, we taped & painted the railings black! This was a quick project with a big impact. The railings had been painted before, so we just painted over the white.
Who I got the idea from: My Mother

Time: 90 minutes

Shopping List:
Black Acrylic Paint - $3 (We had some left over from the Organizational Board)
Painters Tape - $3 (We had some around)
Paint Brush - $12
Foam Paint Brush Touch Ups - $1

1. Prep: First, tape off the stairs. The sections by the base were easy, since those were straight lines. The upper part, I ended up tearing small pieces to put around the top. EVEN if you/your helper thinks they can paint around...make sure you tape extra. Alex used a large paint brush which got everywhere.

2. Paint: We did two coats over the rails & did touch ups with a small foam brush. Obviously, let the paint dry between coats. Keeping tweedle dee & tweedle dumb  Gus & Lucy from licking the stairs was a bit of a challenge. 

3. Touch Up: Remove the painters tape & if need be touch up any areas where you may have dripped black paint. We had a few...
We're going to paint the railing up the stairs black too, but for right now, I think they turned out really nice!
Here's what they looked like before:

UPDATED: See the update here!

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