Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brown Paper Floors

So we're actually doing it! Here's our agenda for the next few days. We get off early on Friday, so hopefully we can put the stain down early enough to do most of the varnish late Saturday evening. That means Sunday & Monday are relax days!

UPDATE: I'll be updating this through out the week ultimately with a giant this is what we did post.

5/21 - 5/22 Monday & Tuesday Evening - COMPLETED
Remove Remaining Carpet
Remove Carpet Tacks & Nails
Move Furniture out of Bedroom

5/23 Wednesday Evening - COMPLETED
Fill holes with wood putty
Sand Floor
Vacuum Floor
Crinkle brown paper

5/24 Thursday Evening - COMPLETED
Vacuum Floor Again
Lay Down Brown Paper - 3/4 the way done
5/25 Friday - COMPLETED
Finish papering the floor

5/26 Saturday - COMPLETED
Put down coat of stain

5/27 Sunday - COMPLETED
Wait for stain to dry

5/28 Monday - COMPLETED

Put down multiple layers of Varnish

So this is our bed until Sunday..woohoo...it's like super inside camp? This experience has taught me that I will never live in a 1bedroom studio apartment with a husband, two dogs, and two cats! Yikes! We kinda like camping without bugs though!

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