Thursday, June 28, 2012


So apparently this sucker had been growing on the side of the house for about 6 weeks. Our trusty rated pest removal guy came out yesterday to assess it. He said he's bee in the business for decades, so little surprises him. This surprised him! Good gravy this surprised him! He said there are between 2,500 - 3,000 hornets in this nest!!!

Well worth the couple hundred to take it down!!!! It's being removed today, but wow! Yuck!

Finished Room

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

It's been a busy few weeks with work/life, so this took a back seat. Seems just as easy to provide one update and start anew!

The wonderful floors! So we realized the stain was not even (the downside of two people doing the had a heavier hand than the other). Since we were already 3 weeks into sleeping in the living room, we decided "screw it" let's do another coat!

First, we put molding around the floors. I initially painted the molding white to match the baseboards. That didn't quite work as we decided to just stain the molding the same color as the floors. Then we stained & varnished again.

In the mean time, we began painting our furniture to a Cabernet color. It was a little too pink at first, but turned into a very nice shade of red that really pops with the room. We still have a few more pieces to paint.

These were pretty easy - prep - prime - paint.

So the 3rd piece that isn't painted is a dresser that goes underneath the paintings. I have to hem the curtains, because they hang on the floor. But all in all, I think the room looks great!

These are the curtains. that other piece goes against the wall on the left side.

The artwork looks great! I can't wait to try more! We have a dresser that goes against this wall now too. We just haven't painted it yet..oops :)

Here's when you first walk you can see Lucy was all about being in some pictures!!
And here's the view to the closet, where you can see the red dresser...and Lucy posing...again.