Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday Photo Collage

Busy weekend!
So the first project was a present for my father-in-law's 65th birthday. A friend of mine made the number 4 with pictures of her son for his 4th birthday. It was really cute. I wasn't sure putting a big 65 was a great idea, so we were going to spell out his name or one of his "phrases." We ended up just making a giant collage.
Who I got the idea from: Friend 

Time: 4 hours

Shopping List:
Science Poster Board - $4
At least 200 (probably closer to 250) pictures - $25 (if you do them mail in rather than 1 hour)
Glue or Rubber Cement - $3 (I think that's how much it cost? I had some on hand)
A few pieces of construction paper (optional)
Popsicle sticks (optional)
Tape (optional)

A few years ago I had scanned all of their pictures from baby pictures to a few years ago, so I had a lot to work with. I'll say this...plan ahead...printing 300 pictures at one-hour photo is double the cost of site-to-store or home delivery. Better yet, Snapfish & Shutterfly generally have sales for prints. My sister-in-law purchased a poster board and we started from there. We probably used at least 200 of the pictures. It definitely took longer than we thought.
You think oh we can just slap a whole lot of pictures for the background & clip over them. Nope...doesn't work that way!


1. Prep: So we sorted the pictures into "background" and "cut out," although those piles became merged.

2. Layout: We originally were going to lay out a background then put additional pictures on. This didn't work as we had hoped, so we started in a corner and worked our way out. This let us vary the sizes and shapes so it didn't look like several pictures all in a line. If you need to adjust, you have plenty of time since the glue stick/rubber cement doesn't dry immediately.

3. Letters: We cut out construction paper & taped it to the back to say "Happy Ron." It's a family thing not to say Happy Birthday (my Mother-in-law didn't have enough room on a cheesecake she made me one year so she wrote Happy it stuck." If you are going to tape things to the back, I suggest getting Popsicle sticks to hold them up.
My father-in-law absolutely loved it! I will make one other recommendation: don't just cut out the heads of the person. They tend to look weird. 

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