Monday, April 30, 2012

UGA Organizational Board Revisted

Okay so here are some additional things I want to mention about the Org. Board!

1. You may want to consider stronger adhesive for the paper mache box. Ours falls down, so Alex just used some super glue and glued that sucker onto the box.
2. Because certain members of my family needed this pointed out, you are using glass picture frames so they become dry erase! :) If you didn't see it before...EXPO is the way to go!

3. Leave enough space between the date of chores & the first chore. That way you can write the month name in there and the seasonal group. The daily is easy to erase every day. I haven't decided if I'm going to write the week on there yet. However, this will keep you from cheating & checking off things that you didn't actually do!

4. I think in order for this not to become wall art, you need to customize it. You need to write down things you are actually going to do. I have mop floors & vacuum once a day...yeah...that hasn't happened. The entire list isn't filled of these things, which would mean I'd ignore the list. However, having one or two that I constantly have to stare at as not marked off, is great. I actually do think about vacuuming every day. I'm about two weeks off from actually starting it. The other thing is the Menu..I'm not a dinner planner for the week. However, I am trying to force myself to do it. We'll see...

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