Monday, April 23, 2012

Three-Tiered Pots

This wasn't difficult either. The hardest part was scrubbing the spray paint off the table from where I may or may not have fully covered prior to spray painting...

Who I got the idea from: Positively Splendid Crafts

Time: 90 minutes

Shopping List:
3 different sized Terracotta pots
1 Terracotta bottom dish
3 cans of spray paint (I went for Cherry Red, Black & White)
1 can Thompson Water Seal Spray
Painters Tape
Potting Soil

1. Cover where-ever your painting with painters cloth (your husband will be upset with you if you don't cover everything...scrubbing afterwords takes forever...)

2.  Spray your pots & dish with the Thompson Water Seal Spray. You may want to read the instructions and not spray before it rains & let it seal....or you can be lazy like me and just go for it.

3. Spray Paint the edges of the pots white and let dry. It's okay if you go over the edges a bit.  It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to dry, especially if you do this on a nice sunny day.

4.  Put painters tape around the white where you just painted. Be sure to just go on the edge. If you don't wait to let it'll have to redo.

5. Paint the large & small pots with red spray paint, and paint the middle pot & bottom saucer with black spray paint.  Let them dry.

6. Take off the painter's tape. 

7. Put in 3/4 of the bottom pot. The original post said to put bricks & soda cans in there. I forgot to look for bricks and felt putting beer cans in there would be slightly trashy, so I just opted for soil. If you opt for just soil, be sure to pack it in so that it stays.  

8. I put the middle pot in at this time, and put my viney plants into the side. I may have shoved them in there, which I'm sure will make anyone that actually knows anything about gardening shutter. So you could put them around the edges, then put the pot in. Mine were a tight fit.  

9. Do the same with the middle pot. 

10. Put your plants in the top  pot. 

I had to play around with the layout a bit, because you originally couldn't see the black middle pot. My saucer is a little bit too big, but I can't fix that now. The other mistake I made was painting the red & black first, then painting the rims white. I ended up having to tape the entire painted pots so they wouldn't have white on them. In retrospect, I'm not sure what I was thinking...

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