Monday, April 23, 2012

UGA Organizational Board

This was a lot of work, but I think it turned out great!

Who I got the idea from: Girl Loves Glam

Time: 5+ hours

Shopping List:
19x31 Piece of Plywood
2 8x10 Frames
2 5x6 Frames
2 Large Clips
3 Frame Hooks
2 8x10 pieces of Colored Card Stock
3 Packages of Command Strips
1 Paper Mache Box
Black Paint & foam paint brush
Hot Glue Gun
Scrapbook Kit
Dry Erase Markers
Nails & a Hammer

1. Paint Plywood: I had my Dad cut me a piece of plywood. I think mine is actually 19x30. The exact size fits to your needs. Then I painted the plywood & the paper mache box. I put two coats on and let dry overnight (this is why it took so long). 

2. Frames: Hot Glue the glass to the inside of the frames.  

3. Print Offs: Print out the lists that you want. I made my own, because I wanted them UGA themed, and I'm a bit of a freak. I also wanted to use the same font - I used Kristen. The original website had links to what she did. 

Calendar: I used a table in Microsoft Word word. I left extra space at the top so I could write the name of the month. I then printed on Red Card Stock I got from Hobby Lobby. Then I put this into one of the 8x10 frames.
To Do List: I changed Microsoft Word's page size to 5x7, printed it on white paper & put it into one of the 5x7 frames.  

Scrapbook Kit: I had a scrapbook kit I never used that was UGA themed. I used boards & stickers from that kit to add color to the lists. 

Chore List: I knew I wanted a quarterly list, but seasonal fit better so it was named seasonal. I think the important thing to remember with this type of list is make sure you put down what you're going to do. If you're not going to vacuum every day, don't put it down. You won't want to see that on the list and you'll ignore doing it.
Menu:  The menu was easy enough. Again word and 5x7. I would suggest starting the week on Sunday or Monday depending on your schedule. I do my shopping on Sunday Morning so it was best for me to put Sunday first.  If in your mind you run Monday-Sunday, then put Monday first.

4.  Command Strips: Put command strips on the back of each of the frames (I used 4 for the big frames, 2 for the 5x7s, 3 for the paper mache box, & one for each of the clips). 

5. Picture Frame Hangers: I used the tooth hangers, because that's what the original post had. I was clearly not thinking and spent quite a bit of time putting them on the back of the board upside down. This was the hardest part, because the stupid little screws wouldn't go into the plywood. I don't really have a better suggestion other than patience & a glass of wine. Be sure the strips are level...if not then you have to make the nails in the wall uneven so that the whole thing is even.

6. Organize: Lay out the frames & clips on the board how you want them. Then peal off the command strips to put each piece on the board.

7. Hang: Hang up your frame! I used three nails, because I was sure it was coming off the wall. So far it's held up after 2 days!

Notes: Use Expo Dry Erase Markers. I bought ones with an eraser on the top. They weren't as good as Expo.  If you don't plan out a menu...don't put it on there. If you know you won't use an item, then don't bother putting it on there.


  1. Thanks for all the useful tips. Seems like your calendar size is not large enough to write things inside the daily boxes..How do you attach the command strips to your metal clips? Did you use spray paint to color your metal clips? Do the Dry erase markers come in a fine point so I can get what I want in the calendar boxes? I think it would be difficult to write on the glass without taking the frame down..maybe that's just me. Seems like plywood will be too heavy to use..what thickness is that plywood that you used? Thickness =weight..Where did you find a fiberboard box/can for your markers? How did you attach the box? I saw somebody's version of same and they found this cute little shelf and they used it to hold the can of markers/eraser and even hooks for key storage. I'm sure everybody's needs are different but you have given us a sample of how the board can be used. Something like this could also be used out in one's garage. Thanks for sharing your ideas and tuitorials.

    1. Thanks! The calendar size works for one or two things, if you abbreviate using expos fine print. It works best for single items, doctors appointments, birthdays, etc. If you want you could probably make it a one or two week calendar so you'd have more room. Writing on the glass isn't difficukt, as long as you don't hang it too high. The command strips make it easy to take on and off if you prefer to take the frames off to write on them.

      The command strips on the metal clips were a bit if a pain, but attaching the command strip is easy if you buy ones that are comparable in size. One side on the clip and one on plywood. I, not sure how heavy the plywood is, but it's not super thin. It was a piece that was in my parents garage. The box for the markers is a paper mâché one from Joann's. I attached the box with command strips. It falls occasionally, but we tend to clutter it with lots of pens. I'd use three or four command strips of maybe two strong ones. If you don't put too many markers or pens in there it should stay in place.

      Make it how you'll use it! If you don't, you won't use it!