Monday, April 23, 2012

UGA Ribbon Wreath

This was actually really easy to make and looks really good!  I can't wait to make more of these for different seasons (although is there really another season other than football?)
Who I got the idea from: Rollin' with the Wheeler's

Time: 90 minutes (max)

Shopping List:
1 stirofoam wreath (you can use the green one or a white one, the white worked for me)
6 rolls of different color ribbon (I used 5 here and could have used one more)
A packet of pins


1. Cut all of the ribbon into 4 inch pieces. I originally did longer like the blog did, but found I liked the smaller loops. (I looped the ribbon into segments and then cut, since that was quicker)

2. Start with one color and pin several loops around the wreath.

3. Take a second color ribbon and follow suit. My husband gave me really weird looks until it was more full. 

4. Keep pinning until you use up all of the ribbon. I left the backside mostly plain, because it's going against the back of the door.

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