Friday, May 25, 2012

Organizing Under the Sink

As I was going through all the pictures of when we first bought the house, I realized wow our bathroom sink looked so nice! Two people sharing the one bathroom made it a wee bit clogged. We have such a pretty marble counter top sink..why hide it with crappy white trays to hold all of our stuff!?

I was sick of it and ended up throwing out a lot of crap we didn't need. RIP my caboodles case I had for probably 15 had "left over" make-up/nail polish/extra bobby pins and weren't really of any use. Mine wasn't "sleek" like this one. It was that clunky green one, but boy was that hard to toss.

Wally World has these black cloth bins in the laundry/storage section for $5/each (although I'm pretty sure they rang up for $7 or $8...but the line to wait for a refund was really long for maybe a total of $5, and I had to pee sooo you won this round Wally World). Although compared to the online price, I think I got a deal regardless. Everything isn't neat and aligned, because I was trying to play keep away with that black object in the picture, also known as Lucy. However, it works great! The right bin has my hairdryer, curling iron, straightener & brushes. The middle section has Alex's stuff & my contacts. The far left bin has all of the bottled stuff - deodorant, hairspray, astringent, face cream, etc. The bottom shelf has extras in the last black bin - cotton balls, whitening strips, extra q-tips. The far end has my make-up and hair ties.

So what do you ask is in the center?...wait for it...a silverware drawer dish. - In the words of my brother it was the exact same thing, only different - black, plastic and it was $5. So this baby holds my jewelry (I've tried cases, but I'm wayyyy tooo lazy). With this I can keep my necklaces by type (sorta) in the lines and my earrings (which I tend to haphazardly throw into a dish anyway) in the main dish. It's been great! We've kept the sink clean too!

The only issue I'm having is that the q-tips & hair ties are within Lucy's reach...which means she grabs them and runs out, because she's a PITA like that :)I think the bins work, because they are general enough that I can put things back without feeling as though I'm spending all of my time putting things back. I really couldn't be happier. It's been almost two week, and I'm still using them! Plus it was easy to grab everything as we live out of the hoarder's room while we're redoing the floor.

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