Friday, April 19, 2013


I haven't had a lot of projects going on in the past few (several) months. Instead, I've been growing a little human! Some days I wish it was just a project. I did several posts for this, because it just got so long! We wanted to do a Dr. Seuss themed nursery, because we aren't finding out the sex of the baby, plus Dr. Seuss is awesome. Overall, if you are planning on doing something this big it’s not necessarily hard, it’s just time consuming. Be prepared to spend many evenings & most of your weekends doing the project!

At the beginning of the project, my husband and I disagreed on how to do the paintings. We watched several videos & steps. They started as sketches on my ipad and morphed into the room, for exactly how we did it, see here!

Besides the painting, here are some of the smaller details:

We custom ordered these faceplates from ModestSheep on etsy. They were great and add a perfect touch! The room had 9 outlet covers, holy crap!

Alex spray painted the ceiling fan blades red. We were going to go red & white, but red worked out just fine!

My mom works at an art gallery and gave us this awesome glass blown globe.

The furniture is Sorelle, and a special thanks to Alex’s parents who got it for us! We ordered from Babies R Us. Getting this furniture was the biggest pain, but in the end Babies R Us refunded our delivery fee, which was nice.

My mom & grandparents got us this glider, which is beyond fabulous (I hate not having it in the living room!). Mom also found the Horton pillow which matches great! I have no idea where she got the pillow. The glider was made in the U.S.A! It came from a local furniture store.

I liked similar shelves on Ikea, and found this 9 space cube at Target for $35 (they sell the same ones at Wal-mart too), and then these four fabric bins for $18 on Amazon. I have toys in the bins and books on the shelves. The stickers came partly from the clearance rack at Tuesday Morning & the other stickers, we ordered on Amazon.

The clock was a gift from one of my showers. I absolutely adore it. I actually saw it on my registry a few days before the shower and was really excited.

The Dr. Seuss mobile is adorable and fits too. The music is a little fast, it sounds like on Super Mario Bros when time is running out.

The Burp Cloths look too cute to actually use. and UPS just dropped off a set of wash clothes & towels that match!

My aunt’s sister is fantastically talented & custom made bedding for us, which looks beyond fabulous in the room! We still have the sheet & bumper to go, but so far it looks fabulous!!

Between my mother & I, we are working on a hook rug, it's not finished, because it is taking way longer than expected! We found the idea here. It's red & white stripes. I'll update later.
The stuffed animals are from Kohls Cares! Yes, it pains me to have an alligator in our nursery. We do have a Georgia Sock Monkey in with the toys J

The banner was made by my boss for the shower she threw! You can see all of her amazing ingenuity on Bakerella!

The other banner was made by my sister-in-law, and I just love it!

My mom found these blocks on Amazon. We were expecting them to be a little bigger, but I think they add a great touch.

My sister-in-law made pinwheels for shower decorations. We took the three that had Dr. Seuss characters on it and put it in a bag one of my co-workers gave me.

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