Friday, July 20, 2012

Index Card Calendar

I can't remember if I saw this on Pinterest or actually on the block Peck Life, but I thought it was cute. I am under the assumption that I'll forgot about this in two months. However, I've been diligent so far! Ignore my index cards with holder box right now...the box I got was too small...

Where I got the Idea From: Peck Life

Time: 2 hours

Shopping List:
400 Index Cards (I'd say 377, but well you buy them in packs of 100)
Black Fine Point Pen
Index Card Box

1. Prep: So this project is really really easy, it's just tedious. So on the top of each lined card on the right hand side you'll want to put the date: Jan or January (I would stick with abreviations) then the day. You'll need 1 card for every day of the year (don't forget February 29th). 
2. Months: You need dividers for the months. I cut pieces of another index card out and taped it to the month for dividers. Peck Life, was much craftier than mine!
3. Years: So you'll use one line for each year. I keep a really good calendar at work, so I was able to go back 6 months and put what we did. Although a lot of days said "work". But it allowed us to not have to wait until January 2013 to start the project!

 4. Box: So don't get the small size Index Card box that's $1.88...get the $2.88 one. The smaller one doesn't fit...oops.
5. Keep up with it: I think this is the hardest part. But the sooner you do it, the more you're able to put about yoru day. I can't wait to get two-three years down the road and see how this forms. 

Alternatives: For holidays/birthdays that are on actual dates rather than floating holidays, I put the name of the holiday at the top of the card.

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